"Control Systems 21 has been
part of our team for almost
ten years. Their knowledge
and experience continue to
be exemplary. They quickly
make needed repairs at a
very reasonable cost. And they
have never attempted to talk
us into something we did not
need or an expensive model
when generic would do.”

- Joe C. Barrington,Chief
Carroll County Bureau of Utilities

"I don’t worry about my
calibration and certification
anymore. Control Systems
is on it, which means I don’t
have to be.”

- John Rodeheaver,
Maintenance Manager
Hanover Foods Inc.

"Nobody is more responsive
than Control Systems 21.

- Bo Sterling, General Manager
Bituminous Paving Materials, Inc.

"Pretty much anything I need

help with, I call them first.
Because chances are, no
matter what it is, they’ll fix it.”

- John Baughman, Waste Water Treatment and Landfill Supervisor, IESI PA. Corp.

"CS21 has been providing prompt, efficient instrument services to my plant since 1981."

- Steve Douglas, General Manager, City of York Waste Water Treatment Plant

Control Systems 21 has a reputation for excellent service. We provide support and service for legacy components and systems as well as early computer systems. We also provide design, installation and commissioning services for state-of-the-art Automation Systems and Communications.           

Control Systems 21 specializes in the service, calibration, design and installation of process control instrumentation.  From precision industrial manufacturing to modern municipal water and waste water treatment, our manageable size and no-nonsense style of business will optimize your automation and control system budget dollars.

Looking for replacement parts, but don't know where to go?  We carry most manufacturers' consumables such as thermocouples, RTD's, sensors, probes, charts, pens and ribbons.

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