Flow, Temperature, Level, Totalization,
or any other process signal variable viewable
in real time via a Secure Internet Application.

Accommodates analog and/or digital signals
E-mail alerts for communications failures and process values outside of user-configurable setpoint limits
Time zone selection for each device (Accommodates standard and daylight-savings time zones)
Most device settings are user-configurable after initial installation
Add data logging capability to your existing process instrumentation - new instruments are not usually required and existing interfaces/interlocks with process controls are not affected
Customized tools to download your data from the EAGLEi Data Collection website for import to your local spreadsheet or database applications (CSV format)
Current year and previous year server storage for all data from all devices
Graphic trend views
Overlay device graphic trends on the same screen
Session logs to monitor user logins and track page views
E-mail logs with summary of user notification for device alarms and failures


View Data Anywhere...
From Any Device...
In Real-Time






No need to call a service technician for every little change!






User-configurable settings for each device include:

  • Google map link to show exact location of each device. 

  • High/Low Alarm setpoints

  • Unique e-mail notify lists for communication failures and setpoint alarms, i.e., send notification e-mails to different people for different devices.

  • One-Click device activation and deactivation.(Eliminates nuisuance failure alerts for out-of-service devices.)

  • Set a multiplier for each device's displayed values.

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